The New Mulberry?

Bold, modern rucksacks: three words you wouldn’t necessarily consider associated with the traditional Mulberry that we all know and love. Yet this captures the spirit of the new collaboration between the very same Mulberry and It-Girl of the moment, Cara Delevigne. I was initially sceptical, I admit. In much the same spirit as the Alexa, a testimony to the style of Alexa Chung, the designs are somewhat more contemporary, which I worried would result in goods unworthy of the prestigious Mulberry brand. I’m happy to say I have been proven wrong.


GreenSee the full Cara Delevigne collection

But this isn’t the only step Mulberry has taken towards modernisation and meeting the needs of the younger generations. Other styles, such as the Willow, and this season’s far more striking and unavoidable colours are a stark contrast to the Oak Bayswater that is the typical object of every rational woman’s Christmas list.

Willow greenMulberry Willow in Queen Green

oak bayswater

Mulberry Bayswater in Oak

Is Mulberry changing its tactics for good? Being an old head on young shoulders, I would mourn the loss of the class, sophistication and tradition that put it on its pedestal in the first place. But since my shoulders are still young, what better way to kit them out than with the straps of a Cara Delevigne designed Mulberry rucksack?


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