“Gym Chic”

I’ve always been a fan of nicknames, both for their comic value and also their use when talking about strangers. My housemate and I have an abundance of them for those people on our course that can barely be counted as acquaintances, for example: Louboutin Sam, Pixie Face Chris and the infamous Harry Potter Boy. This has got me intrigued as to whether there is anything significant enough about me to warrant a nickname by the people that see me on a daily basis. Well, without getting too self-loathing, I’ve decided that the only thing that I do to warrant such a label is my perpetual state of being in gym clothes, so I guess that could make me “gym girl”.

Untitled 13

I’m all for comfort, but I myself appreciate the value of non-gym-appropriate clothing and its place in the outside world. But, I must admit, I am a lover of actually going to the gym. Being as practical and organised as I am, I more often than not co-ordinate by gym sessions with my lecture timetable, as the gym is at the heart of the uni precinct and the walk from my poorly located student house is something of a daily struggle. So why not kill two birds with one stone?

a8525ea15dc9d4584d5b1a7637bb663e‘Gym Wear’ on Pinterest


I sacrifice myself to being a dreaded “outfit repeater” (did you ever watch Lizzie McGuire?) for the ease of not having to carry in a change of clothes and also to save time, which makes good sense. Despite this, I do find myself worrying over how my peers perceive me. And worst of all, I’m constantly dreading the odour that follows me around, which I tastefully attempt to hide with the help of my good friend Coco Mademoiselle. But then I remember that I exercise for a reason, to better my fitness and allow myself that extra jam doughnut, so it’s not my duty to be aesthetically appealing for those whose line of vision (or smelling) I run into!

Having said this, I am a firm believer that co-ordinating workout attire can massively improve my attitude in the gym. Here are some of the things I’m daydreaming about when on the treadmill (I’m not obsessed, I promise):


PINK reversible yoga legging, $59.50 victoriassecret.com 

Untitled 13

‘Incredible’ sports bra, $49.50-$59.50 victoriassecret.com

If you saw me everyday for a week you would think either that I’m awfully lazy or just fitness obsessed, of which I am neither, but if people think one or the other I’m not phased. Whichever may be the case, I’d much rather be ‘musty scented gym obsessed girl’ than the walking ashtray that I was subjected to sitting next to today…


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