Train to be trendy

Forget about your fitness-focused New Year’s Resolution; as long as your footwear is suitable for the gym, you’re guaranteed to be on trend. My pet-hate of trainers worn with flared jeans is halfway to being globally endorsed with the new trainer craze that is here, there and everywhere. But, despite my intuitions and inhibitions, I love it.

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I’ve become a gym keen-bean since joining uni, which has recently been spruced up with my own investment in a pair of Nike Freeruns. Although mine are intended for (and actually used) on the treadmill, clearly that no longer has to be the case. I see distant relatives of my trainers on the feet of stylish business women, casually dressed students and your bog standard fashion conscious stranger. But what is it that has caused this sudden outburst in extremely appropriate, practical and comfortable footwear?


IMG_4027I live in a student house of Nike-obsessed, fitness freaks

Perhaps one of the most expensive trends to upkeep, footwear is certainly not the cheapest and most lighthearted purchase to make. For the quality, which of course we all want, you have to be prepared to fork out for the sturdy soles and non-perishable materials. From Converse to Doc Martins to chelsea boots and more, what the trend determines we kit our feet out with has a major impact on our confidence and comfort, and there’s no doubt that the trainer-trend contributes to both.

I’m a lover of Nike myself, and I never thought that I’d find myself lusting and considering trainers to be classy, but that is exactly what their new range has subjected me to. I’m extremely impressed by the selection that has on offer, in particular these specimens:

Nike free 3.0

Classy, comfy and cool

Not to mention, of course, the boldest and most prestigious appraisal of the casual shoe in Chanel’s haute couture SS14 show in Paris. Who could deny the glamour and finesse of the embellished, diamond-encrusted sneakers that took centre focus of the show (even in spite of the gorgeous garments), and more importantly: who wouldn’t want them? Presuming I had the guts to get them out of the box in the first place I could measure the success of my gym session by how many gems remained in place at the end of it.


This is an extremely understated trend that I’ve grown to love, and for those who don’t know me I am certainly not your quintessential cool and casual trainer-wearer. But how often is fashion comfortable? I’m definitely running along with it whilst it still is.


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