The Little Prince

If ever there were 140 pages of literature that could inspire, enlighten and emotionally stir, Antoine Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince is the book to do it. As an inspired Christmas present from my bookworm of a boyfriend (a very handsome bookworm), I was already convinced that it would be a good read but I’m now questioning how it’s possible that I had never read it nor heard of it before! This short tale of a little prince from a planet no larger than a house and his journey to Earth really does put daily battles into perspective. Confused by the silliness of grown-ups and their obsession with numbers, this wise little lad offers a refreshing and most likely accurate perception of adults and their petty obsessions that seem to overthrow and govern their lives. If we can be inspired by so short and simple a book then why can’t we be equally inspired by the smaller things that we do take for granted? We should learn from children, whom once upon a time we were, and realise that our finances, age, weight and all other things that come with numbers really aren’t the only matters of great importance in our lives.


If you think you need help remembering what such matters are, then grab a copy and have a read; it’ll be the best spent 2 hours in your hectic grown-up life. As a resident of the no man’s land between teens and qualified adulthood I didn’t think I needed to, but I really, truly did.


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