Molly Makes Christmas Tree Cupcakes!

It wouldn’t truly be Christmas without the addition of some freshly home baked goods, now would it? Not in my household anyway! Any festivity can be spruced up by lovingly crafted edibles, and so my contribution to Christmas food this year is these ingeniously adorable and simple Christmas tree cupcakes. Whilst blog-hunting, I stumbled across Baking With Blondie: an extremely creative baking blog filled with original ideas! I’m normally one for baking from concrete books but I gave into technology this time, and it turned out great!


I’m probably not the best person for hints and tips about baking as I’m by no means a professional or baking-blogger! I can only recommend and report on what I’ve done. I used Hummingbird Bakery’s chocolate cupcake recipe as from my own experience you cannot beat their texture and so far I’ve never had a faulty batch.

IMG_3815 IMG_3813

From here on out it’s all from Baking with Blondie! There isn’t much guidance on the post but that’s because it is so self-explanatory. All you need is: ice cream cones for the tree structure; thick green buttercream; and a piping bag with a star nozzle for the most authentic leaf-like decor. I varied the icing styles between dots, horizontal swirls around the cone and vertical swirls up the cone as pure experimentation. After one or two full-sized cone attempts, I decided to cut down the cones to make them smaller simply for ease of carrying to and from my family on Christmas day! I also found the smaller they were, the steadier they stood on my uneven cupcakes, but I’m sure if yours are always even then any height will be fine. A little tip from me would be to leave the tip of the cone un-iced until firmly mounted onto the cupcake as this will avoid ruining the peak of the tree when lifting and also avoiding extra mess.



And the rest was history. A base of icing on the cupcake to act as glue, some sprinkles to look like christmas decorations and then a light dust of icing sugar to pretend we’re having the White Christmas we all dream of. This really is such a simple recipe with such a striking, festive and novelty look. I shall definitely be repeating these for Christmasses to come and also returning to Baking With Blondie for any seasonal baking ideas and inspiration.


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