Bristol 2.1

Three house birthdays, six essays and one singstar house party later, my first term of second year at Bristol is now over! My top notch housemates, newly acquired job and the Christmas festivities of the last few weeks are but a few of the things that have made this such a busy and enjoyable term, so this post is a tribute to all of these and more.

1381259_10151947365057495_265161717_nKicking off the term with Elsa’s 20th birthday! Here are my gorgeous housemates (and myself) setting the scene well for what would be a very enjoyable term together. Considering how little I really knew these girls this time last year, having only known them for 12 weeks and all, I really did hit the jackpot with my house. Beautiful girls, beautiful night!

1379738_10151953594447495_1238299862_nGoldney/Oldney freshers event – returning to our halls for a Pirate Party @ Thekla

1412602_645390042148959_554519518_o“No Scrubs”, the night to go to in Bristol for the greatest selection of songs we were too young to dance to when they were new



Bristol Zoo Gardens with Elliot (boyfriend) was definitely a highlight. I missed out on several opportunities to visit there last year so I was jumping at the chance to finally go, and I was impressed! It was a morning well spent, particularly feeding the parakeets which was somewhat terrifying but also provided much laughter material.

Mulberry article

My personal achievement of the term was having my first attempt at writing for the university newspaper’s (Epigram) style section published! I’m starting to get serious about my journalism aspirations now, as I should be, and so this was a major step up the ladder for me. I submitted it on a whim and heard nothing for weeks and so taking the hint that I hadn’t been successful this time round. I wasn’t disheartened at all, but rather it spurred me on to submit more pieces, which I did! However, upon opening the newspaper one morning whilst waiting for a seminar I fell across the style section and there was my article! Printed! In a public newspaper! At first I was slightly embarrassed that my own words were available for the student population to see, but then I got a grip and embraced the achievement that this was for me. Well done me!


October saw our little Rowena turn the big 21! Both the Bristol and Taunton celebrations were fab, particularly the latter which consisted of a marquee party including paella, fireworks & free champagne. Not to mention following this I was able to return home for a few days of R+R before heading to Exeter for an extended weekend with the boyfriend. Such a good week!




BIRTHDAY TIME! Goodbye teenage years, hello responsibilities, important life choices and financial troubles. So, of course I took the chance to have some fun whilst I still can. I was spoilt by the company of my boyfriend and gorgeous friends  from London, who made the long journey to be with me and really made the night special! Fantastic night to kick off what has so far (one month on) been a fantastic year.




This year’s birthday blues were shortlived due to the arrival of Christmas celebrations in the house! We begun with a visit to Bath Christmas Market which was beautifully festive and gave our holiday spirit a boost. A week later was our house Christmas meal, which was topped off with a divine Yule Log made by Graihagh and a traditional games night. Wine, food and friends: simple yet effective.


So, I’m sure compared to others this is a pretty uneventful term. I’ll justify myself by adding that of course more happened than this but I’m not too great at taking photos in the moment! Several lovely weekends with my boyfriend and many other weekends spent as a slave to the retail machine really made the term fly by. I’m thrilled to be home, warm and full of food I didn’t have to buy for myself, but I know what awaits me when I return to student living in January will be just as entertaining as the last 12 weeks have been! Bring on Bristol 2:2.


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