Season’s greedings

‘Tis the season to be greedy and ask for all of the things your parents won’t buy you at any other time of the year. I think you can tell a lot about a person from their Christmas list and so I’m sharing mine now with you. Hopefully you’ll receive a (positive) insight into my life and also some kind of Christmas related post is a must with 6 days to go!

1. Ugg boots

I haven’t yet given in to the Ugg-mania of my generation but the time has come when there’s only so much discomfort my feet can take. At the end of the day, they are probably the most comfortable things that can go on your feet. Being me, however, I just couldn’t go for the Classic Short Chestnut style that everyone has but which I do so dearly admire. I found these more substantial and practical Brownstone Leathers in Office and fell in love immediately. The material is far more appealing to me and the colour is just so much more flexible than black and tan. Let’s hope mummy delivers with these!

2. A plain black clutch

If I had the nerve and my parents had the money, I would definitely put this little number on my wish list.

Tri Colour Leila Clutch, Lulu Guinness (here)

Sadly, it’s not entirely appropriate as all you need on a student night out in Bristol is something small, plain and with a fastening to carry your necessities. I handled Osprey bags (here)  in my time at John Lewis, and I know they may not have much else to them than their great quality leather but that’s all I need. Keep it simple, and then one day I’ll invest in one of the above.

3. Annual make-up top-up

My financial priorities have changed since joining University and so new make-up really is a treat for me. Again, I feel as though it’s time to expand my cosmetic horizons and break into the world of primers, powders and BB creams. I also need a top up on my trusty Benefit Dandelion Blusher, so the timing of Christmas couldn’t be more perfect!

4. Rosie for Autograph underwear

Sadly, I find more enjoyment in wearing nice underwear than clothes that are seen in public. It might sometimes be a waste of money, but the classy, sleek styles of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s lingerie collection from M&S has me lusting! The one set I have from her collection is coming to the end of its days, so since her newest collection is now out I may as well restock. I’m still hoping that if I wear them enough I’ll magically transform into her, but I may have to wait for next season’s collection for that advanced feature.

5. A plain, warm and soft scarf or snood

I’m a sucker for a Christmas motif or intricate pattern, but my recent investment in a tartan coat  (Zarahere) has required me to downplay the accessories. This will most likely be an easy purchase for one of my brothers (both older and clueless), but as long as it fits the three above criteria I’ll be happy.

6. Pyjamas

The Dreamer Flannel Pyjama, Iconic Pink Metallic Stripe, Victoria’s Secret (here)

Practical, boring and sensible (just like me). But, really, when all I want to do is spend my days comfy and happy in bed these are all I need. Preferably a pair of traditional, button-up, flannel pyjamas would go down a treat. I may be hopeful in expecting something along the lines of Victoria’s Secret, but Boux Avenue will surely do.

7. My dream skirt

Split Lucille Leather Skirt, All Saints (here)

This wasn’t specified on my list, and to be perfectly honest I’m not expecting it to be wrapped under the tree on Christmas day, but if Father Christmas does exist I pray he’s a viewer of this blog and answers my prayer! It’s classy, chic and sophisticated with a dash of tease – plus it’s leather! I’m sure this is nothing more than a pipe dream, but if it doesn’t come true on Christmas morning perhaps I’ll find myself in All Saints on the first day of sales and my card will just accidentally slip into the chip and PIN reader…

8. Indian pen and ink set

The artist within me has been cooped up since completing my Art A Level and I feel as though an investment in one of these will offer her an outlet. If you’re unsure of what they are imagine the nib of a fountain pen that attaches onto a basic pen. It’s dipped into a pot of ink and then used to sketch, creating a beautiful, bold but also delicate effect on the page. It’s my weapon of choice and I’d love to be the owner of my own! All I need is a name for it.

And that is where the list ends! I’m optimistic but also realistic about how much of this I will actually be unwrapping on Christmas morning. I’d like to think that including the extended family and grandfather I’ll have almost all bases covered. I still find the concept of everyone buying and receiving such an abundance of gifts annually on the same day of the year bizarre, but that’s no reason to exclude myself from doing the same. After all, it is a birthday we’re celebrating!


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